The judical file

This site contains all the documents produced in the course of the hearing of the first instance criminal proceedings on the allocation of the Opl 245 block. In this part of the site, we offer selections of documents that are useful for understanding the basis of the Court’s findings, namely the full acquittal of all the suspects, including the two oil companies involved, Eni and Shell.

Money movements

  • Eni’s payment to the Federal Government of Nigeria bank account (source)
  • JP Morgan’s failed payments to Malabu Oil & Gas (source)
  • Defence’s statement on financial flows (source)
  • The Nigerian government’s brief, civil party (source)

Oil sector consultancies

  • Excerpt from the 2016 annual report on the oil and gas sector in Nigeria, by the Department of Petroleum Resources (in English) (source)

Seizures in switzerland